Industry Solutions

Petrel Engineering is committed to delivering projects from concept to completion in any industry or application. If your business has a challenging engineering or manufacturing application which has to be designed, manufactured and installed on time and within budget, then Petrel can supply the solutions, as we have done in a wide range of industry applications for over 60 years.

Special Projects

The Petrel Special Projects team undertakes the design, manufacture, and installation of solutions for customer-specific applications and requirements, regardless of industry. Many of the resulting designs and products are first-of-a-kind and completely unique to a specific project.

Petrel builds on years of engineering and manufacturing expertise that takes our client’s requirements and turns them into elegant and robust engineering solutions. From the initial meeting, through careful design, planning, selection of materials, fabrication and on-site commissioning, Petrel takes full responsibility for the projects they deliver.

The Special Projects team will consider undertaking any project that involves engineering creativity, bringing Petrel’s considerable experience and passion for innovation to deliver results.

Waste Management

Petrel supplies waste transfer stations as turnkey projects, from concept to manufacturing to maintenance. Petrel is able to supply a full range of recycling systems of sorting lines for municipal, industrial and construction waste use technologies ranging from basic mechanical screens to the most advanced automated sorting machinery.

Petrel can also supply waste receiving equipment, which consists of hydraulically operated compactors and conveyors together with hydraulic and electric power supplies. Petrel also manufactures the containers for road or rail transportation of waste.

Fishing and Marine

Petrel has supplied high-quality products to the worldwide fishing industry for a half-century. We constructed our first trawl winch in 1961 and have gone on to provide a wide range of services to the fishing fleets of South Africa, South America, and Europe.

Petrel’s marine solutions are known worldwide for their innovative and robust designs that are capable of performing in the harshest sea conditions.

Offshore Exploration & Mining

Petrel’s in-depth knowledge of marine conditions combined with our engineering expertise has enabled us to supply specialist services to the offshore mining industry. Having worked with Petro-Chem and sub-sea diamond mining industries, we have the experience to undertake a wide range of projects in this specialized sphere of engineering.


The Porti-crane is a cost-effective solution for lifting needs up to 1t. They are available in manual and electric powered models and can easily be mounted on bakkies, trailers or in the workshop or warehouse.