Safety, Health, Environment and Quality(SHEQ)

Responsibility for Quality

Quality is the number one priority at Petrel. In all that we do, from manufacturing and services to project support and customer relations, Petrel is working to institute processes and procedures that continually help us to help your project. The company is ISO 9001 certified, in addition to being a member of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa (SEIFSA). By working towards these standards, Petrel is able to deliver quality products and services on time and with the budget.

Petrel has been awarded a number of industry accolades including:

1993: Argus/CCI Exporter of the Year Award and SEIFSA Trophy
1995: Engineering Week’s/Engineering Association’s Outstanding Manufacturers Award
1996: Special Commendation in Business Week’s Non-Listed Company Award
1997: Certificate of Merit by the South African Institute of Steel Construction and Special Commendation in Business Week’s Non-Listed Company Award
2000: Special Commendation in Business Week’s Non-Listed Company Award
2001: Petrel received extensive media coverage for their role in a unique, first-of-a-kind project: a revolving house, built on concrete and steel to turn on a full circle of 360º
2003: Finalist in the Argus/CCI Exporter of the Year Awards
2007: Transnet Terminals Trophy for Engineering/Exporter of 2007
2010: ABSA Cape Chamber Commerce Western Cape exporter of the year finalist
2010: Transnet Port Terminal award for Excellence in engineering

Responsibility for Health and Safety
Safety is also a top priority at Petrel. Our comprehensive health and safety policies form an integral part of how we operate. All staff receives detailed and ongoing training on safe working practices. By establishing and maintaining a high safety culture, Petrel’s productivity remains higher and employees stay engaged and focused.

Responsibility to the Environment

Consideration for the environment forms a core part of Petrel’s in-house training program. As a company, Petrel is aware of the need to utilize sustainable energy resources and to conserve and protect our environment.

Our environmental policy includes the safe disposal of any potentially hazardous materials, energy-aware working practices and respect for the laws and legislation, which apply in the countries in which we operate.

Petrel is a member of the Institute of Waste Management and fully promotes professional waste management practices.

Responsibility to the South African Community

As a South African engineering company, Petrel is aware of the need to increase engineering and artisan skills in the country, particularly in previously disadvantaged populations. Petrel is able to offer a training program at our training center in Cape Town. Our experienced welders and artisans are ready to transfer their knowledge and experience to help build a stronger African skills base.