Tristan Da Cuhna – Fixing Damaged Crane

In the remote South Atlantic island of Tristan Da Cuhna, there is little room for equipment that is not able to perform. So, when a critical barge crane was damaged on the island in 2008, preventing the launch of one of the island’s service barges, the Apple Group turned to Petrel Engineering for the replacement.

The crane had to be installed in a very demanding environment. The 10.8 metre high crane, with a span and length of 19 meters and 8 meters respectively, had to be constructed to meet these demands. The crane was manufactured specifically to be easily shipped and assembled once on the island.

The crane was completed and installed on the island in 2009.

Client Technical Procurement Services
Location Tristan Da Cunha Island
Scope Fabricate and install overhead gantry crane (20 ton safe working load)
complete with a containerized electro-hydraulic power pack to serve as a
launch and recovery system for barges as well as offloading cargo off ships.
Start Date 27/06/08
End Date 15/10/09